lørdag 29. august 2009

Pernille's Creation:O)

Pernille has wanted to make a card or something for a while, so this week we have been crafting while the big kids where at school. We had so much fun, and Pernille, turning four in October, is so patient and precise, it is a pleasure working with her:O)

I folded a milk carton for her. We went to a local Scrap store, so she could do some shopping.
She went to the box of flowers, and started picking. She bought some other stash too, but didn't use it this time.

She wanted the two Tildas to be princesses, so I did some masking.

Then it was time to do some colouring. She was sooooo pleased to borrow my watercolour pencils, and looked forward to use the waterbrush, adult stuff she sayed:O)

Pernille stamped the swirls, I made a "door".

Pernille went trough my patterned papers, and found some for the sky, and some for the sea.

The fairy, cloud and sun is cut out from the sky-paper.
Pernille bought the ribbon.

Here is some closeup pictures of the images.
She was so pleased with the waterbrush. She was very satisfied with her work:O)
She added some Stickles, to make it sparkle.

Hope you like Pernille's little creation:O)
(With a little helping hand)

Hugs from Pernille and Nancy.