onsdag 12. mai 2010

Heart shaped Easel card - Step by Step:O)

Well, this is my first tutorial:OI

A step by step on how I made the heart shaped Easel card on top of the heart box HERE.


1. Fold a Bazzil/carton in wanted size, mine is 4" X 8" folded it is 4" X 4"
and for the single heart 4" X 4"

Make a template of the heart, lay it on the folded bazzil/carton, but make sure that the upper bows are a bit outside the fold. This is where the two hearts stick together:O)

2. Cut out the folded heart and the single heart.

Here is the folded heart and the single heart.

3. Fold the bottom of the heart up to between the bows.
You have now made the part of the card that makes it possible to stand up:O)

4. I use double sided tape on the triangle.

5. Now, carefully fit the single heart to the triangle, but make sure it comes straight over the double heart-part that is not folded:O)

6. There you have a Heart shaped Easel card:O) Ready to be decorated.

7. And this is how I made mine:O) I have attached it on top of a gift box, you can see it HERE.

Hope you can have some fun making a Heart shaped Easel card.
Please link back to me if you want to use this tutorial:O)

Come back and leave a link so I can see your card:O)

Happy crafting;O)