lørdag 29. august 2009

Some Awards:O)

I have got some lovely Awards from some lovely Ladies.

I received this beautiful award from the two lovely Ladies,
Gry-Heidi and Kari.
It´s so sweet of you thinking of me !

The rules are: Link it back to the person who gave it to you, list 5 things you love to do, pass it along to five other people:

- I love to make other people happy.
- I love make cards and share it with you here in blogland:O)
- I love to see my kids and husband happy and pleased.
- I love to walk barefoot on the beach, feeling the wind and listening to the waves.
- I love to be with my dear family.

I want to pass this on to
Kimmi, Linda, Linda(Nyten), Donna, Vanja, Claire, Hanne, Sheila, Vicki and Amy.

Well I got two of these, so I give it to ten lovely bloggers;O)


This lovely Award I got from Hanne:O)

Thank you!

I want to pass this one on to all my lovely followers:O)
Thank you so much!


This lovely Award I got from lovely Linda:O)

Thank you!

The flower comes with the award.

This one I want to pass on to eveyone that have given me all the nice comments.
Without nice comments and friendly words, what would blogland be....

Thank you all;O)